Friday, February 21, 2014

21 Feb 2014 Trying to catch up

I hope I haven't completely lost my following on this blog. There has been so much up and down in our lives over the last two months that I really don't know where to begin. I guess the most important thing for me to say is that we very nearly lost my sister, Lynda, two months ago, and  that, at this point, she continues to linger. She is in constant pain but has an extremely strong will to live. My siblings, daughter, and niece, as well as Lynda's husband and sons have been spending time with her daily at the care facility to try to keep her spirits up. And this coming Tuesday we will be in Salt Lake for a week to do what we can to help. Because my own emotions have been so up and down over these two months, it is impacted the amount of effective work we've been able to do.

However, we have been able to have several nice visits with members of the Waterford Branch and have been very heartened by the welcomes we have received by pretty much everyone we have gone to visit. Most of them have been more than willing to come to Sacrament Meeting after meeting with us. The branch president here is very focused on missionary work and reactivation, which is a great help to the missionaries.

I've got new pictures to show. Here they are:

 This is a picture of our home from the front and then a bit of our lovely couch and ... whatever.
 Here we are in front of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

 View of Edinburgh from the Castle

The pathway all thru the Castle.

 That's me, in case you forgot what I look like!
 This is Elder Walker, and his pet lion. (You've heard of Richard the Lion-Hearted, yeah?)
The beautiful Ettrick Hotel where we stayed in Edinburgh. It was very luxurious, or "posh" as they say here.