Monday, June 9, 2014


We can't believe that we're leaving for home in four days. There has been a whirlwind of activity that we've been involved with over the past month or so. I'll try to include some pictures of these last precious days. Although we will not be participating in any other baptisms, still we have witnessed five during our five months here, and have witnessed so many other miracles. Today we will be participating for the second time with the YSA group - this time going for a walk around the cliffs of Dunmore East, which is a section of the landscape here in Waterford. The YSA senior couple from Cork is coming here to supervise the activity. It's looking pretty cloudy outside, but the forecast is promising.

Here we are at the All Ireland Conference on May 9:

Such precious friends: our mission president and his wife,
Alan and Sylvia Brown,
and darling Elder Blake Barney

I opened a package of eggs one day and found proof that the chicken came before the egg: 

Here are just a few shots of Ormond Castle in ... can't remember where! But it's only about 30 minutes away from Waterford.

This is me on the zipline at Ballyhass Lakes Resort. We were there with a YSA group from Limerick District. Twenty-seven young men and women between ages 18 and 30. I think I screamed all the way across the lake! But I'd do it again!

This is out of order, but we got a great picture of Elder Rogers today, so I need to post this for his mom:

And here are more picture of the hike we took just today along the coast by Dunmore East:

The Sisters M&M: Montgomery and Martin. Sweet, but strong!

Sister Martin, violinist extraordinaire!

Elder Rogers is so soft-spoken that, if you're not careful, you miss the funny/smart things he says. I have learned a lot from him about humility and grace.

Here is Elder Rogers with Eymard Martin, a newly-ordained elder in Waterford. Eymard is greatly looking forward to receiving his endowment in the Salt Lake Temple this coming October when he comes to attend General Conference and visit with the sister missionaries who first taught him. Eymard had studied a great deal before he ever met the missionaries, so he was golden.

Here is our wonderful Elder Evans. I tried to crop this picture, but my program wouldn't cooperate. Anyway, Elder Evans is so special to us. Like Elder Rogers, he is very humble, but at the same time has such a great knowledge of the gospel for one so young. We absolutely loved every minute we spent with him.

I've got to stop here. It's 6 p.m. and we still have a lot to do to prepare for tomorrow - our last day in the mission and the only day we'll spend touring Dublin. This has been a wonderful, hard year. We're so glad we did it, but we're ready for home. Thanks to everyone who has helped us and prayed for us on this journey. God bless you all.

Elder and Sister Walker
Scotland/Ireland Misson
June 2013 - June 2014