Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This is a test firing of our mission blog. As I write this we are still here at home in Sandy, preparin

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  1. The goal is more clearly in sight now. We're just eight days away from entering the MTC in Provo. I've been noticing something very curious the last few weeks. I'm recapturing memories from my childhood. For example, yesterday I was watching a movie set in the 1950s (when I was a child). In one scene there were two ne'er-do-wells who were moving from town to town carrying only a bandanna on a stick. The bandanna held all their worldly possessions. Richard asked me if people ever really did that and I said that I remembered doing that myself when I was going over to the park with my friends. We would put a sandwich in the bandanna, tie it to the stick, throw in over our shoulder and go to the park for a picnic. Such an odd memory! And maybe it only happened once, but that just makes it better, right? The point I'm making is that I think the Lord is already helping my brain to function better and I'm really going to need that when I'm moving through time in a new culture.