Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1 29 2014 Our Waterford chapter begins

We arrived in Waterford yesterday. We are living in what they call a "semi-detached" home. In America, we would call it a duplex. My first impression as we came through the door was - eeuuw, it stinks! So our first order of business this morning was to buy an air freshener. We'll see how it works. The reason for the smell is the age of the home and the carpet on the floor. Getting back to that "semi-detached" thing, someone explained it to us as a home which has one common wall with another home. I immediately tried to picture a home with TWO common walls - say, the side and then the back ... makes for a kind of funny visual methinks.

We have had phone conversations with both the elders and sisters here, but have not met them yet. We spent today getting our bearings, finding a library and a post office, and buying a few necessities at a Lidl store. We also drove down to the quay where we thought the old Waterford Factory was, but we didn't find it. I can't imagine that they have torn in down. That would be almost a sacrilege. The sunset tonight was just breathtaking. The air here is so clear that it makes the clouds somehow prettier and when the sun goes down, it's yellow, not red, like Salt Lake.

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