Monday, May 6, 2013

35 days and counting...

I seem to be relaxing a little bit after seven months of intensive preparation. That's not to say that we're ready to walk out the door, but I think we're getting very close. I've been on tinterhooks ... tinderhooks ... whatever that word is since last November 1st when we began this whole process. I appreciate so much the help and lenience that the Church provides for us old geezers to be able to serve the Lord as best we can and at a pace that is doable. (I say that having not yet spent a single day in the actual mission field.) But I have faith that our strength will grow to fill the void, that the Spirit will lift us to the place where we need to be.


  1. My daughter Shawni goes to the MTC in London on June 13th for her mission in Scotland/Ireland. -Mark

  2. While I wouldn't want to say that we "envy" Shawni the excitement of going to the LONDON MTC, well, I must confess that we secretly DO! That's exciting. I hope we will meet Sister "Shawni" while we're in the field. We've been told our first six months will be served in Ireland, but we don't know what city/county as yet.

  3. Dear Mark,
    I hate to impose, but I wonder if you could tell us how to get onto Shawni's blog. We set up a blog at before we left for Ireland and we've been trying to help people at home get on to read our blogs, but they can't seem to do it. It feels like we've tried everything, so, again if you don't mind, how to you get on?
    Thanks, Elder and Sister Walker, Scotland/Ireland Mission