Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thirteen days, but who's counting?

Can't believe we're finally within the two week parameter. Or maybe I just can't believe how many eons it's taken to GET within the two week parameters It's utterly amazing to me just how much shopping we've had to do to get ready for this one year adventure. We've had to buy the right clothes, the right coats, shoes, stockings to prevent thrombo-something-or-other on the plane, voltage converters ... we had to get a new credit card to avoid transaction fees for every little thing we buy overseas. (By the way, if you're wondering, it was a DiscoverIt card - who knew?)

We've been told our first area will be in the Republic of Ireland (as opposed to Northern Ireland, which is a separate country), but we still don't know exactly where or if they have our "flat" rented or our travel arrangements changed so that we fly directly into Dublin instead of going first to the mission home in Edinburgh, Scotland. We know that the mission president won't be available to meet us, so that another senior couple will be showing us the "ropes." I keep stressing about every little detail instead of trusting the oh-so-trustworthy system to get all our details worked out. Does this mean I'm a control freak or just "oh ye of little faith"?

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