Saturday, October 5, 2013

A small miracle?

Thursday we found ourselves at the branch building, preparing to participate in the first Institute class of the year. There were supposed to be five youth there for the lesson, but one of them - Evan - couldn't make it because he had a terrible migraine headache. So we decided to use our time, instead, on beginning to tidy up our storage/library room. In the process of doing said tidying we found something a little unusual for an Irish branch - it was a Lithuanian copy of the Book of Mormon. Well, this is interesting, we thought, and decided to give it to the elders in case they ran into any Lithuanians in their travels.

Fast forward to Saturday, when we went with the elders to give a blessing to a two year old boy and his mother. The little boy is having problems with his lung development and is undergoing a slow series of shots, given once a month. Just before giving the blessings, the subject of the mother's nationality came up, because she obviously wasn't Irish. "Where are you from?", we asked. "Lithuania," she replied.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Of course, we went out to the car, got the book, and gave it to her. Unreal!

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