Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You say "potayto" and I say "potahto"

Greetings from Europe! You might say we're "learning Irish" here. There are many words used in Ireland that are extant in America or certainly less common. Here are some of my favorites:

Aunties: pronounced of course as ahn-tees. There are, simply, one's aunts. I'm am especially fond of this one because it helps me understand why my great aunts were called by us "The Anties". It was a carryover from the homeland of Ireland!

"Dear", meaning expensive. I had a 13-year-old girl ask me yesterday if our Nikon camera was dear! I loved it! I asked her (just to make sure), if she meant "expensive" and she said, "yes." I told her that the word dear in Utah is hardly ever used, but that I thought it was great.

"Toilet" - now this is calling a spade a spade. Here in Ireland one never asks to use the "restroom" - we ask to use the toilet! You don't find a lot of toilets here, anyway, but when you do, it's called simply that. It's kind of amusing to be personally to see all the signs on buildings around town that say "To let", because I always think they're just missing the "i" rather than indicating that a place is available to rent.

Biscuits are cookies and sweets are candy. A carriageway is a freeway, more or less. A car park is a parking lot, not a place for your cars to play.

Cabbage and bacon replaces the Americanized corned beef and cabbage, which replaced the original cabbage and bacon (a most delicious meal).

Garda are police. Bin bags are trash bags - but I think I told you that one before. A mantleplace is what we call a mantle.

They burn coal in their fireplaces. No special words there - just an interesting face.

8:30 is half 8:00. Karate is "Krattee". (We know this because of Evan, our recent convert.)

They can't pronounced "th" at the beginning of a word, so thirty is turdy, and 33 is turdy-tree. (Euw.) Seriously.

There are many more examples that I just can't bring up at present, but I'll write again and let you know what we've learned. In the meantime, if you're lucky, there are pictures of our youth activity last night with five young people, and a rainbow below, taken from our apartment window just this morning. Ah, it's grand to be here!

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