Friday, July 19, 2013


This is a view from our flat. How Irish can you get?? This is right out the front window on the second floor of our two floor apartment, so we get to see this every day. The clouds behind have gone away now and it's been very warm for the last two weeks or so.

These are pictures of the first baptism we participated in. It happened about a week after we arrived, if memory serves (and it hardly ever does). The young man on the right is Evan Cawley. He's 17 years old and has just been an amazing new member of the Church. We always have lengthy discussions with him because he wants to know everything about the gospel. What a joy!

These are some of the pictures we took of our hike up Belbulben. It's a famous mountain hereabouts and was a great stretch of the legs, from which I recovered four days later. The last picture is a view from the top which Elder Walker the Older took. (Sister Walker the Older couldn't climb that high!) The lake below is where we had the baptism. It's called Glencar Lake.

Elder Barney and Elder Walker the Younger at Bundoran, right by the ocean. It's an incredibly beautiful place that the locals call Fundoran because it's very touristy.

Us at Bundoran. The waves were spectacular.

Parke Castle on "P" Day. They're doing a very nice job of restoring this castle and have used a very similar rock, but in a lighter color, to replace the parts that are missing.
Elder Walker studying the Parkes Castle brochure. Reading, always reading! :)

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