Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hiking mountains and tracting streets

I've got 20 minutes until we leave to do a street tracting activity. We're going to set up a white board in front of the Tourist Centre and hand out Books of Mormon, pamphlets, pass-along cards, whatever people want. It seems to be the height of tourist season here, so we thought the timing was good. Also, we've been enjoying warm, dry weather for about a week and hope that it will hold out during the three hours we're standing outside.

A few days ago we had the most fabulous activity with the branch. We hike a famous mountain here called Benbulben (see Google images). It was a real workout (especially for me), but it was so worth it. However, I confess that here it is three days later and my calves are still incredibly stiff. Oh, well.

We've been helping the junior missionaries to teach several people, tour of whom are from Africa. Two are from Zimbabwe, one from Nigeria and one from Togo. Togo may not be a part of Africa, actually. It's wonderful to hear the questions they ask and also to hear them pray. Their prayers are right from the heart, even though many have been raised Catholic and really only have the memorized prayers to fall back on.

Well, I'd better get going. Hopefully soon you'll all be able to find this blog and I can get back to just concentrating on writing and stop worrying about your access.

Our love to all. Elder and Sister Walker

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  1. Are you able to post pictures? I'd love to see the views and sights you're seeing.